#MyMaskerAide with Sherlyn Torres

We caught up with some of our MaskerAide customers and fans and asked them a few questions about MaskerAide and how it fits into their fabulous lifestyle. We'll be spotlighting great people around the globe, in different industries and with different lifestyles, in a new blog feature called #MyMaskerAide


Sherlyn Torres is a professional makeup artist and seasoned beauty expert. She is known for creating flawless looks that enhance an individual’s beauty without overpowering their features. Sher has a knack for forecasting trends and translating a client’s vision into reality. She also loves to teach her clients about proper skin care and how to beautify their face in a seamless and natural way. Sher’s ability to create timeless beauty and her contemporary style keeps her in demand with regular & new clients alike.

Insta: @sher_beauty
Twitter: @sherlyntorres
Site: www.sherlyntorres.com
B: sherlyntorres.com/beautyblog
Tumblr: sherlyntorres.tumblr.com

Initial thoughts on MaskerAide?

When I first saw MaskerAide’s packaging, my immediate thought was “this is really cute!” I love the convenience of having each sheet in a separate sachet which makes it very travel friendly and the fact that all of them are hydrating!  After trying the DETOX DIVA & BEAUTY REST'ORE, I was very pleased with how smooth my skin felt! Hydration is a must for my dry skin type and the added benefits the afore-mentioned sheets have are just icing on the cake.  

Sherlyn working her magic on set

Sherlyn working her magic on set

How does MaskerAide ‘fit’ into the ‘SHERLYN TORRES’ life + work life?

Being a makeup artist requires me to be organized and on-the-go on any given day of the week. Late nights on set & early call times the next day doesn’t leave much time for me to do multi step beauty routines. That being said, having MaskerAide sheet masks on while I prep my kit and wash my brushes the night before a shoot really helps to cut my beauty routine time in half. 

Which of our 6 MaskerAide sheet masks is your fave + why? 

Living downtown means I’m constantly exposed to toxins and pollution in the air and both the DETOX DIVA & BEAUTY REST'ORE sheet masks really come in handy when it comes to fighting free radicals while simultaneously keeping my skin hydrated and glowing at the end of a long day. 

People of all professions, all over the world love MaskerAide.
Have you or would you recommend MaskerAide to any of your clients? industry peers? If so, why?

I certainly have and will continue to recommend MaskerAide to my clients & friends. I usually recommend it to brides the night before their wedding day to ensure their skin is smooth & prepped for a long day of makeup the next day. I also suggest it to models and music industry pros who are constantly put through long days on set & on-stage performances  wearing all sorts of makeup. These sheet are heaven-sent for last minute calls to photoshoots & early morning press junkets to help restore their skin’s glow. 

Last Question - What are you up too next? where are you travelling to?

I’m currently working on growing my side business called Beauty Inc which is an extension to my artistry but encompasses multiple artists providing makeup & hair services to larger groups of clients for special occasions / events, etc. I’ve also recently partnered up with a professional image consultant & portrait photographer on an upcoming independent makeover series called Project YOU where we will be selecting lucky individuals who may be in a rut with their beauty routines & wardrobe game and need a boost for a good cause. We want to feature individuals who truly deserve a makeover but also have an empowering story. 


Check back for more #MyMaskerAide spotlights featuring fabulous MaskerAide babes around the globe!