#MyMaskerAide with Shiela of Small Girl Medium City

We caught up with some of our MaskerAide customers and fans and asked them a few questions about MaskerAide and how it fits into their fabulous lifestyle. We'll be spotlighting great people around the globe, in different industries and with different lifestyles, in a new blog feature called #MyMaskerAide


Shiela juggles being a young professional by day, and being the founder and editor at Small Girl Medium City - an online lifestyle publication based in Toronto. She enjoys living in the heart of the city and her fast paced lifestyle. Shiela believes that with some hard work, drive, and sass, you can in fact have your cake and eat it too!

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Initial thoughts on MaskerAide?

I was introduced to MaskerAide last winter. At that time I was travelling/going out quite a bit and didn't have a lot of time to allocate to a lengthy skin regime. I thought MaskerAide was convenient and easy! I was able to throw a few packets in my suitcase and go!

How does MaskerAide ‘fit’ into the ‘@smallgirlmediumcity’ life + work life?

My lifestyle most of the time is a whirlwind and being able to multi-task is imperative. I love that MaskerAide makes it so easy to take care of your skin. After a long day in the office, I can put on Pre Party Prep, take a 15 minute nap, and then get ready for the event that night!

Which of our 6 MaskerAide sheet masks is your fave + why? 

I love Beauty Restore and Pre Party Prep! They're must haves if you're always on the go!

People of all professions, all over the world love MaskerAide.
Have you or would you recommend MaskerAide to any of your clients? industry peers? If so, why?

Absolutely! When you're in your 20's and you're bouncing off the walls trying to get your career to take off, it's easy to be complacent when it comes to our skin. Especially if it's a lengthy process. But MaskerAide makes it easy. You can do your thing, take care of your skin AND get some sleep!

Last Question - What are you up too next? where are you travelling to?

I'm heading to NYC in a few weeks for some R&R - which is rare for me and knowing myself I'll still probably be working. Small Girl Medium City is continuously growing and it's hard not to get excited about it! 


Check back for more #MyMaskerAide spotlights featuring fabulous MaskerAide babes around the globe!