#MyMaskerAide with Sandy Trojansek

We caught up with some of our MaskerAide customers and fans and asked them a few questions about MaskerAide and how it fits into their fabulous lifestyle. We'll be spotlighting great people around the globe, in different industries and with different lifestyles, in a new blog feature called #MyMaskerAide.


"My name is Sandy Trojansek. I'm a freelancer, specializing in events, communications, and social media. I work with brands in a variety of different ways, whether it's event planning, helping them promote their brand, or as a social influencer/Brand Ambassador. My days vary from meetings, event planning and execution, blogging, and heading to tons of events in the GTA! I love working with Glama Gal Tween Spa. They empower young women to feel confident and good about themselves, and instil the belief that feeling good on the inside is better than outer beauty. I also adore Dior Cosmetics! This luxe brand is 1000% worth the cost of the products. The quality is outstanding, and I love every product I own!" 

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How does MaskerAide ‘fit’ into the ‘@sassygirlcanada’ life + work life?

MaskerAide sheet masks fit into my lifestyle perfectly, as I only need to have the mask on my face for 10-20 minutes. I usually put one on while I'm working on my laptop in the evening, or reading before I go to bed. My skin feels amazing after I use them!

Which of our 6 MaskerAide sheet masks is your fave + why? 

My favourite MaskerAide masks are DETOX DIVA, and WEATHER WARRIOR. Detoxing is great for the body, but definitely a plus for your face, as well! I take great care of my skin, and this mask is perfect for minimizing pores and getting rid of impurities. After the harsh winter we endured in Ontario, Weather Warrior was something that saved my sensitive skin from the extreme cold weather! My skin felt tight and dry from the weather, and cranking the heat indoors. This mask made my skin feel soft and smooth, and was a lifesaver!

People of all professions, all over the world love MaskerAide.
Have you or would you recommend MaskerAide to any of your clients? industry peers? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend MaskerAide masks to my industry peers (and I have!). So many people I know use tons of beauty products, have crazy work schedules, and spend a lot of time travelling. The masks are easy to use, not time consuming, and come in a variety of masks for different skin types. I believe they will become as addicted to MaskerAide as I am!

Last Question - What are you up too next? where are you travelling to?

I'm currently working on a few cool projects, and am hoping to take a fun vacation later this year. No lock on a destination yet...I love surprise, last minute trips! I just need my passport, and I'm good to go!


Check back for more #MyMaskerAide spotlights featuring fabulous MaskerAide babes around the globe!