Meet The Team! Q+A with Intern Nilou

Q&A with MaskerAide Intern: NILOU GHAFFARI

After recently finishing my Kinesiology degree in Vancouver - I made a bold decision to relocate from my home city Vancouver, British Columbia to the city of Toronto to make a change in my career path and purse a career in the beauty industry. Now that I am here in Toronto, I have been fortunate to have received an internship at MaskerAide while completing a postgraduate certificate in Marketing at the University of Toronto.

What I love about the beauty industry?

I've always loved researching and trying makeup and skincare products and staying on top current trends. I am also interested in product development and promotion - although I love giving people advice and tips on my beauty regime, I really have a passion for what goes on behind the scenes in the creation of new product and also on how to make a product I believe in become successful through utilizing social media outlets and developing creative ways to increase product value.

My favourite MaskerAide product?

My favourite MaskerAide product is our ALL EYES ON ME Hydrating Eye Gels!
My favourite physical feature to enhance are my eyes, I love using brightening concealers, highlighters, and false lashes to really brighten up and make the eyes pop! 

Our eye gels have become a regular step in my skin prepping routine because I’m a major night owl and I usually have long days and nights. They really brighten and make my under-eye area feel supple!

Interesting things/Hobbies?

I love art and have enjoyed drawing and painting as ma hobby since I was very little - my favourite style of art is dark art from the Baroque Era, and also the contemporary Era (Favourite pieces by Jack Vettriano). Although my favourite genres of music are hiphop, rap, and r&b - I have a love for classical music and often like to listen to classical music at home. It developed during my High school years when I played the Clarinet for about 4 years, and after graduating I learned how to play the Cello. Although I don’t play anymore, I'm hoping to pick up the Cello again in the near future.

Another hobby of mine is fitness - I like to stay in shape and eat as healthily as I can. My passion for fitness and sport developed all throughout high school as I was always participating on sport and recreation teams year round. It became a lifestyle for me when I pursued my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition at the University of British Columbia. I maintain my health and physique by going to the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week.

A photo posted by Niloufar Ghaffari (@nilouu_) on

A photo posted by Niloufar Ghaffari (@nilouu_) on

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