#MyMaskerAide with Megan Ann Wilson

We caught up with some of our MaskerAide customers and fans and asked them a few questions about MaskerAide and how it fits into their fabulous lifestyle. We'll be spotlighting great people around the globe, in different industries and with different lifestyles, in a new blog feature called #MyMaskerAide.


Megan Ann Wilson, better known on the internet as @shegotgame, is a stylist, writer, and brand management consultant. She specializes in styling professional athletes, editorial shoots, sportswear and sneakers. Megan writes for digital publications like espnW, Green Label, Complex Magazine and The Guardian Sport Blog. Based in Toronto and Montreal, Megan also travels to New York and other US cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles often for fashion weeks, trade shows, photoshoots, shopping (for work!) and client meetings. "I’m rarely in the same place for more than a few weeks, but I love it!"

Insta: @shegotgame
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Snapchat: @shegotgame85
Site (blog + portfolio): www.meganannwilson.com/
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I’ve been the athletisure girl since before it was a trend.
— Megan Ann Wilson



Initial thoughts on MaskerAide?

I LOVE MaskerAide. I actually purchased my first sheet mask from the brand when I was in New York at Ricky’s. I was looking for something to revitalize my skin after some very late nights and early mornings during fashion week. The serum worked so well that I was hooked. Thankfully, my friend Karen Viray, VP of Creative and Marketing for MaskerAide, gifted me with a bunch of great masks to try out for my next work road trip. It’s always a treat to use them once a week, or more when I’m working 18+ hour days.

How does MaskerAide ‘fit’ into the ‘@shegotgame’ life + work life?

MaskerAide works into my life because the product meets my standards for beauty products: easy to use, high performing and natural.  I have incredibly sensitive skin and often products will make me break out, cause redness or swell my eyes. MaskerAide helps to calm any redness, puffiness and never causes an allergic reaction. The sheets are SO easy to pack or pick up at a store, even if I’m going for a few days.  I’m obsessed with travel size beauty since I’m almost always living out of suitcase. Any kind of products that lets me wear less make up and give me an instant boost, I can’t help but love!

Which of our 6 MaskerAide sheet masks is your fave + why? 

I’m a big fan of the two that are best for skin and lifestyle - the ALL NIGHTER and WEATHER WARRIOR. I work all kind of crazy hours, occasionally working all nighters so the MaskerAide mask serum gives my skin a soothing, moisture boost that it needs. Both masks help relieve puffiness, redness dryness - the issues that I suffer from, especially when I’m travelling. The masks actually fit my face well so I can choose to either relax for a minute and listen to a podcast or just keep working away! I can’t wait to try the All Eyes On Me as I mentioned my eyes are my problem area and the first place where you can tell if I haven’t enough sleep or if I’m having an allergic reaction. I have a feeling they’re going to be a regular step in my beauty routine.

People of all professions, all over the world love MaskerAide.
Have you or would you recommend MaskerAide to any of your clients? industry peers? If so, why?

Absolutely. I’ve given masks to friends so we can fix our skin together after a night out (or before!)They’re a good value, especially given how effective they are, so I’m always about sharing any kind of beauty tips when they’re too good to be secrets. And I always snapchat my MaskerAide #sheetmaskselfie as it often starts a fun snap conversation about masks amongst girls or a little bit of fear from the boys!

Last Question - What are you up too next? where are you travelling to?

The NBA playoffs are coming up so I’ll hopefully be dressing a few clients for it, depending on who makes it! The NHL playoffs and MLB season are both starting soon too. I’m going to be doing a few spring style posts soon, as I can’t wait to wear all sorts of new sneakers without worrying about the snow. I’ll be skipping Toronto Fashion Week to focus on some other projects, which are top secret at this moment. All that I can say is that it’s going be to a busy spring and summer!


Check back for more #MyMaskerAide spotlights featuring fabulous MaskerAide babes around the globe!