#MyMaskerAide with Moore Beauty

We caught up with some of our MaskerAide customers and fans and asked them a few questions about MaskerAide and how it fits into their fabulous lifestyle. We'll be spotlighting great people around the globe, in different industries and with different lifestyles, in our ongoing blog feature called #MyMaskerAide.


We are two sisters with one vision. Our names are Tracey and Raquel Moore – a sister duo of YouTubers and beauty enthusiasts. More than just our outer appearance, our vision is to boldly set our own standard of beauty for ourselves and for the women who are looking to master the art of living fearlessly.

Our brand comprises of our YouTube channel and social media, which are all platforms that we use to spread our message of love for self. Raquel is a makeup artist and Tracey is a blogger.  We also host a networking event in Toronto for budding female entrepreneurs called Beauty, Brains, and Business. Our last event was in July!

Blog: www.moorebeautyblog.com
Youtube: moorebeautymakeup
IG: @moorebeautyinc
Twitter: @_traceyxo and @rakkymoore
Facebook: www.facebook.com/moorebeautysisters

Initial thoughts on MaskerAide?

Tracey: The masks are so creative and fun in their packaging and their names. There’s a mask for everything!

How does MaskerAide ‘fit’ into the ‘MOORE BEAUTY’ life + work life?

Because we’re always going to events and want to look great for the camera when shooting Youtube vids, the masks are the like a secret weapon before applying our makeup. It prepares our skin for all the heavy makeup we put on afterwards, as well as giving it that much-needed TLC.

Which of our MaskerAide products are your fave + why? 

Our favs are the All Eyes On Me Eye Gels because under-eyes are a problem spot for the both of us. Just putting them on feels like you’re doing something really good for yourself. It definitely gives you that spa-like feeling.


People of all professions, all over the world love MaskerAide. Have you or would you recommend MaskerAide to any of your clients? industry peers? If so, why?

Raquel: I've recently worked as a skin care consultant and had the opportunity to try many facial masks on the market and MaskerAide’s Pre Party Prep has won my heart over! I would recommend this mask for anyone who wants a radiant base before applying makeup! Our age group is totally oblivious to how poorly we treat our skin, we pull all-nighters, we’re too lazy to remove our day old makeup and neglect to maintain healthy radiant skin!

Last Question - What are you up too next?

We're continuously working to develop and expand our beauty brand. We have both recently completed our undergrad and are looking to focus all our energy on growing the brand and spreading our message of self-love.


P.S. Check our MOORE BEAUTY's YouTube Video featuring our BEAUTY REST'ORE sheet mask and our ALL EYES ON ME hydrating eye gels here >

Check back for more #MyMaskerAide spotlights featuring fabulous MaskerAide babes around the globe!