MaskerAide Sheet Masks Produced Safely & Ethically

In recent K-BEAUTY news... the latest shock to sheet mask enthusiasts was a post made on the Asian Beauty Reddit and a recent article from about the "sheet mask hygiene" issue in South Korea. It was reported that some sheet masks are being folded illegally and unethically in workers's home, making for unsanitary practices and a compromise in the quality of the masks.

Many are left with the big question: Which Sheet Masks are safe and produced ethically?

As a brand that pride's itself on ethical, environmental and safe practices, MaskerAide wants to ensure our customers that ALL of our sheet masks and products are produced and packaged in the strictest of manufacturing facilities in South Korea. Our sheet masks are folded using 'Automatic Sheet Folding Machines', in our factory Genic Co., Ltd. located in South Korea. In fact, our factory is one of the first facilities to introduce the automatic folding machine process in the sheet mask industry! A recent statement/letter issued to us by Genic Co., Ltd. states:

We, Genic Co., Ltd., hereby certify that following statements are true and correct.
We have been using “Automatic Sheet Folding Machines” since 2012 for the improvement of quality.
— (dated September 9, 2016), Genic Co., Ltd.
Photo of "Automatic Sheet Mask Folding Machine" from GENIC CO., LTD. MaskerAide manufacturing facility

Photo of "Automatic Sheet Mask Folding Machine" from GENIC CO., LTD.
MaskerAide manufacturing facility

Our manufacturing facility follows strict CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, and is inspected regularly by the KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration), which ensures all sheet masks manufactured for MaskerAide are of the highest quality.

We always strive to give our customers and fans peace of mind when purchasing and using our products, and will always commit to using the best manufacturing processes, safe ingredients and ethical practices.

XO, The MaskerAide Team