This Valentine's Day, Fall In Love With YOURSELF!

“Don’t forget
to fall in love
with yourself first!”

– Carrie Bradshaw

Valentine's Day comes around every year, and along with it comes the expectations and pressure on what this day should be. Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, here at MaskerAide, we believe that SELF LOVE is the most important kind of love there is. Spend some time each day taking care of you, and showing yourself love and appreciation for all that you do.

Here are 4 simple ways to celebrate SELF LOVE:

Surround Yourself With Beauty

Create a space for yourself that you love to go to. A nice park, a cute office space at home, or even flowers on your desk at work to give you some good vibes.

Treat Yourself

Whether this involves spa-night in, going for a nice dinner, or BUYING THOSE SHOES, just do it! You deserve it, girl!

Eat Well

Nourishing your body is one the most important steps of self-love. Feeling good from within radiates happiness on the outside.

Forgive yourself

Everyone makes mistakes, we’re human! Letting go and learning is essential to achieving ultimate self-love. Focus on putting energy in the new and loving relationship you are developing with yourself.

Here's is some SELF LOVE Inspo from our MaskerAide Pinterest Board:

Ask yourself a few SIMPLE questions:

What am I grateful for?

How can I show myself love today?

What do I need to do today to make it a good day? 



Let us know in the comments below,