Paola's Skin Story


Our #SKINSTORY feature today is Paola, who has struggled with acne hyperpigmentation and was in search for a product that helped with brightening her skin.

"I’ve always wanted bright, even, clear skin (who doesn’t? 😂) but post-inflammatory / post-acne hyperpigmentation always seems to interfere 😒. I know that even with no treatment, my acne marks will fade away on its own. However, the process can take really loooong 😩. As a skincare addict rather than waiting anxiously to let nature run its course, I have searched high and low for products to speed up the process all while combatting other skin issues and I’m v thankful for @maskeraidebeauty’s Let’s Face It Purifying Cleansing Stick! This cleansing stick contains antioxidant beet root that works amazingly well to brighten and remove any dark spots or blemishes from my skin. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also prevents acne and pimples from popping up on my face! 🤘🏻" - Paola, Toronto

LET’S FACE IT is made with 100% natural ingredients and also is vegan! It contains Beetroot to help promote healthy and glowing skin; Pink Clay to purify and assist in restoring and replenishing the skin with moisture; and Rose Petal Bits that gently exfoliate the skin.

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