Why Lip Masks Are Your New Best Friend


Pamper your pout!

Lips are are often overlooked as an important part of everyday skin care routines. With the skin on your lips being so thin, they actually require much more love and care. Your lips are more susceptible to both sun and weather damage - they also tend to dry out faster compared to other parts of your body!

But don’t pout! We’ve got you covered. Lip masks are the ultimate way to bring your smile back to life. These gel like patches work as an intensive moisture treatment and for priming the lips prior to lip makeup application. Your lips will soak up the active ingredients in 10-15 minutes, for maximum smoothing, priming, and plumping.

Pro Tips:
♥ Layer a lip masks underneath of your facial sheet mask, for dual action!
♥ Longer doesn’t mean better! Leaving your lip mask on longer than directed can actually dry out your lips.
♥ Apply a lip mask right before makeup application. Especially if your routine includes a matte lipstick, a lip mask will help your lips stay super hydrated!

Blow a goodbye kiss to your chapped lips!

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