Mirielys's Skin Story


Our #SKINSTORY feature today is Mirielys, who has struggled with adult acne as well as dull under eyes, due to lack of sleep.

“I've lived with adult acne for most of my early and mid 20's, after my pregnancy, my skin has become a lot better with acne and only suffer from the occasional monthly friend breakouts. However, now I feel like it needs more hydration and it's more tired due to lack of sleep from the little one. I love the eye gels, it definitely helps the dullness under my eyes from the lack of rest.”

ALL EYES ON ME hydrating eye gel patches combat dark undereye circles, fine lines and dry skin. They contain our 100 Natural Herb Complex for an intense moisturization treatment, anti-wrinkle properties, brightening; Hyaluronic Acid for ultimate hydration and nutrition; and Ceramide 3 and Camellia Oil to improve skin strength and elasticity.

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