Our 3-step Guide for Any First Date

Deciding what to wear - scratch that - HOW TO LOOK on the first date can be very tedious and time consuming. At times it can be a process we all want to look forward too, but our nerves can take away the anticipated excitement. From skincare to makeup, and even the outfit, we’ve got you covered! We have curated a guide to keep you looking top notch and first-date-approved! You’re welcome in advance babe.


1. Skin Care
First thing’s first: start with a shower. From cold and brisk showers for boosted energy or a soothing and relaxing spa-like shower – do whatever it is you like. A good skin care routine is all about balancing your pH levels. LET'S FACE IT is a great cleanser that balances your skin’s pH as well as gently exfoliating skin! It is an all-natural formula made with red beet, orange oil, rose petals and pink clay. Say hello to fresh, nourished and balanced skin!  

2. Makeup
Deciding how to beat your face totally depends on what time your date is happening. If it’s in the afternoon – try going for a bronzed, natural, glowing look. If you prefer dewy makeup, we suggest adding a few drops of any essential oil to your moisturizer to add that extra glow. The bronze dewy look is super versatile so you can turn the look from natural to glam by playing around with shades of lipstick. For natural, do a soft pink. For glam, go with red!

3. Outfit
Now that your skin and makeup are perfected, it’s time to tie the entire look together with the perfect outfit! Again, this completely depends on where you are going. However, a good tip is to reflect your personality through your outfit – before your date even gets to say a word to you, the first thing they see is your appearance. By reading your appearance, right off the bat you give off your own vibe! Also, don’t be afraid to accent with colours and prints! Rompers make for easy shopping and are also very easy to accessorize!

Now that you are all set for your date, remember to have fun and be yourself! You got this babe.