Why We Love Selena Gomez

137 million followers, 4 albums, and 20+ movies - Selenators have every reason to look up to this #GirlBoss. Selena has graced us with her presence since the time of 02’ and today we’re giving you our top reasons why we just adore Selena Gomez.


♥ She’s a major foodie

She is not shy about her love for food and eating. In several interviews, she has expressed her affinity of being at home and eating. She once told Vogue that her favourite candy is Twizzlers and her favourite dessert is chocolate cake (as if she wasn’t relatable enough!)
Celebrities… they’re just like the rest of us!


♥ Her sense of humour ♥

From her days as Alex Russo, Sel has always been making us laugh - on and off screen! She naturally aces comedic roles because she’s genuinely a funny person! In interviews, she often remarks on criticisms and rumours as a simple shrug of the shoulder. She’s our type of chill.

♥ Doesn’t flaunt her popularity ♥

With all the success and life in Hollywood, we have seen many starlets become the products of diva-like behaviour. From requesting outlandish expectations like caviar in the dressing room to lambos - Selena strays far from that lifestyle. If anything the only thing Sel would be requesting in her dressing room is a jar of pickles.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 10.01.15 AM.png

♥ She’s a triple threat ♥

As we know Sel is multi-talented - whether its acting, singing, or dancing she can always entertain a crowd. In Hollywood, we have seen many child actors grow stray from their days on the big screen - however, Selena has managed to successfully cultivate a career from 11 years old to 25 years old. In an environment where trends are always changing - Gomez has always been a hot-topic!


♥ Her work ethic ♥

For Sel the grind never stops, she’s constantly reinventing herself and pursuing various types of projects - from Puma to Coach, this girl just seems to do everything.

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 Kill ‘em with kindness mantra

Not only do we adore Selena for all of her other qualities, it’s her kindness and empathy that we love the most about her. In her 72 questions with Vogue, she expressed how her mom has always told her to treat others the way you wish to be treated - she certainly has been living up to those words as she’s been a UNICEF ambassador since 2009. More recently, Sel has supported civil rights protest, March for our Lives.

Do you love Selena too? Tell us what your reasons are in the comments!