What to Wear for Canada Day

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With Canada Day fast approaching, it’s time to plan the perfect outfit! Now we know our true and native land can call for some harsh winters and extremely hot summers - that’s why it’s important to dress the part. We are here to show you how you can rep Canada in style this weekend - whether it’s a quick DIY or pulling pieces from your closet.

DIY INSPO: DIYing your Canada Day outfit is a simple way to avoid breaking the bank this holiday! Check out this cute DIY only needing 3 materials (1) t-shirt (2) fabric paint (3) painter’s tape:


  1. Work on a flat surface, take a shirt and place the piece of cardboard between the front and back sides of the shirt.

  2. Paint 2 rectangles about the height of your hand that (feel free to use painter’s tape to to achieve crisp straight lines)

  3. Take your hand and carefully paint a thin layer of paint on one side going slowly. Thoroughly cover you hand with paint.

  4. Slowly but firmly place your hand on the t-shirt. Press hard on t-shirt!

  5. Carefully peel away.

  6. Let the paint dry for at least a few hours and preferably overnight before wearing.


INSPO FOR THE OFFICE: If you’re trying to be festive but not too over the top, check out these looks. Pair a patterned top with solid coloured pants. You can also try accessorizing with large earrings or extra points if you can match a red bag to your outfit!


INSPO FOR THE GIRL-NEXT-DOOR: Here’s the looks the best suit your style if you want to keep is casual and laid back. Pairing basics is what is going to make you look festive and comfortable for your day outdoors with friends and family! Pair a plain white tee with some little red shorts or a skirt. Loose beachy waves for your hair makes this look even more effortless too!

We hope everyone has an amazing Canada Day weekend. Enjoy babes!