How to Bring Balance Into Your Life


As we dive full-speed into late summer, some of us may feel vulnerable and ‘off’. It is during times of transition, that we begin to feel an off balance in our lives – it certainly isn’t easy to balance everything we have on our plates. Whether you’re a mom or a student, you may feel out of balance most of the time, but that’s OK because we’re here to help you find the stability you need in this high-stress world!

What’s Important?
In his book, The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker, emphasizes the importance of setting goals and prioritizing what you feel is the most important. Keep top priority tasks at the top of your list. The only reason this is difficult for us is because it is human nature to want to procrastinate. But, ask yourself what do you need to prioritize? What is your priority? Is taking a hot shower more important than texting back your best friend? Decide what is important. It’s important to remember that even young children (who frankly, have nothing to stress about!) find it hard finding any kind of equilibrium in their lives. From searching for balance between work, family, play, self-care, etc. – finding balance is a lifelong venture.

“Balance is a way of living. It is a process.”

Tell yourself you are going to do something and be specific about it. “I’m going to spend time with my children” – while it is a great goal to want to spend time with your children, it is a vague one. To truly measure whether or not you’ve accomplished that goal, set something specific. “I am going to spend an hour alone with each child every week” is a measurable goal you can set for yourself!

Endgame versus Process
When it comes to goal setting, your long-term goals might be to get into shape; however, a more useful and productive way to put this is telling yourself that you are going to find a way to live that allows you to sustain your physical health. Think about what you can realistically expect of yourself – how can you actually get yourself to follow through? Grow progressively into your long-term goals – start slow and work yourself up! Trust the process.

So, MaskerAide Babes in times of transition and change, success and failure – whether you’re heading back to school or work, changing jobs, sending your kids off to school, remember that in you are always in transition!