CHEAT SHEET – Your Key to Clear Skin During the Changing Seasons

As the weather grows brisker and the layers add up, the days of shorts and t-shirts and cool berry refreshers from Starbucks have to be tucked away and so does your ‘Summer Skin’. Here are a few things to consider swapping in your skincare routine during the fall/winter season!

Makeup wipes and foaming cleansers during the cooler seasons might offer to be more unforgiving. Try changing to creams, milks, and balms and you’ll feel a difference in your skin instantaneously. Made from 100% natural ingredients like beetroot, pink clay, and rose petal bits LET’S FACE IT! Is a cleansing balm that cleanses and balances your skin’s pH level.

According to Caroline Hirons, ‘the skincare oracle’, she preaches to keep up with the acids and that now is not the time to slow down. Acids allow our skin to be exfoliated and fresh. It is best to keep the skin challenged in a safe, non-aggressive way so treat yourself to a new one.

Facial Oils
It’s time to invest in one if you already don’t. If you’ve bought your express ticket on the facial oil train, try adding 2 drops under your moisturizer in the mornings to preserve your skin and keep it protected throughout the day! If your skin does feel greasy through the day, try using less product.

Modify your routine times
With winter we unfortunately experience less sunlight, take advantage of the darker times and as soon as getting home do your skin care routine. Full cleanse, acid, serum/oil application – the whole nine yards! Go about your evening, examining your skin hourly until you go to bed, and reapplying if you feel like your skin is still absorbing the product.

What do you do to prepare your skin for fall/winter? We want to know!

Thanks for reading today.