If only we could have a neon sign above our bathroom mirror telling us if our skin is dry or dehydrated (or both!). Since, that isn’t possible… YET – we’ve listed common characteristics between the two to help you better ‘read’ your skin.

DRY SKIN is normally a skin type but can be a temporary skin condition
- caused by shortage of oil in the skin
- small pores
- ‘tight’ feeling
- may be flakey
- milia, blackheads and spots might still be present
- skin looks dull
- skin is not plump
- doesn’t absorb products easily
- easily irritated – more likely to suffer reactions to products
- aggravated by poor skincare

DEHYDRATED SKIN is a skin condition affecting any skin type – including DRY
- caused by lack of water in the skin (not lack of water taken orally!)
- pores can be large or small
- skin feels tight and dry although it can confusingly sometimes look oily and have breakouts
- absorbs moisturizers really FAST
- blackheads and spots are still visible
- makeup disappears (and goes patchy) throughout the day as the skin is absorbing any water in your foundation
- skin looks ‘ashen’
- aggravated by lifestyle circumstances – may suffer from a lot of headaches

- Do upgrade your moisturizer to something suitable for dry skin.
- Do change your moisturizer to something labelled ‘hydra’ or ‘hydrating’ if you suspect you are dehydrated.
- In either case adding a little hyaluronic acid to your routine wouldn’t hurt.
- Make sure you are not using products that are too harsh or too stripping for either.
- Do use balms, oils and serums for dry.
- Do use milks, specified oils and treatments for dehydrated.
- Do stay away from mineral oils, silicones (in skincare – not makeup), lanolins and synthetic fragrance which will make a dehydrated skin unhealthier and make a dry skin cry for help!