3 Ways To Maintain Glowy Skin All Season

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Let’s face it. The month of September crept up on us and when you live in Toronto, summer starts to slowly (and sadly) come to an end right at the end of August. So, should you put away the dewy skincare and makeup products and call it a day? Absolutely not! Over here at MaskerAide we believe in two things: Fun focused. Skin serious. We believe in having your fun in the sun but taking your glowy, dewy skin very seriously. We’ve got the three top ways for you ensure your skin stays glowy beyond summertime.

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, EXFOLIATE!
It’s always beneficial to exfoliate your skin, once or twice a week. Especially if you have oily skin, two to three times a week. Our skin naturally exfoliates itself every 30 days but there is nothing wrong with giving your skin some extra brightness to achieve that healthy, even glow.
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2. Hyaluronic Acid is your BESTIE!
Hyaluronic acid within your skin attracts and retains moisture within the surface or below surface level of your skin. It hydrates the surface and keeps the skin looking plump and healthy. Use it daily and your skin will never feel dehydrated or look dry.
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3. Vitamin C is a DAILY thing babe!
Vitamin C in all forms, whether it is pure or a derivative, is meant to keep the skin looking even and brighten your overall complexion. Pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can tingle the skin quite a bit so in order to use it daily, guaranteeing a constant glow, always use a derivative.
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Now aside from these products, it is best if you can also make sure you get 50000 hours of sleep, drink 1000000+ litres of water and pay your bills on time to ensure that your skin stays radiant. For the meantime, these tips should help!

Thanks for reading today babes.